It’s been a while, so I thought I would post some recent pictures taken along Mass. Ave. Enjoy!

Picture 233

Picture 241

Picture 236


I was thinking today would be a great day to curl up and read, watch movies and generally be lazy today, since I was supposed to wake to a winter wonderland. Okay, so it didn’t snow like it was supposed to, but I have to admit that I decided to pretend that the weather still snowed me in so I still read, watched movies and was generally lazy today. I have taken over our living room with books, knitting and movies, and I have a perfect view to one of our bird feeders, so this has been the perfect day!

So, this week I was tidying up the house and I looked over to our latest furry baby’s toy box and had to smile. I have gotten into a habit of buying him a new toy every time I hit the pet store, so needless to say, it is an explosion of squeaky toys here.

Picture 361

Have a happy week!

Last night, Hubby and I attended the Mended Hearts fundraiser at the War Memorial just north of the circle in downtown Indianapolis. Political opinions aside about war and the military, the building is something to experience. It is alive with history and a gorgeous building. In the main theatre, there are these awe-inspiring eagles in the corners. I tried to get a picture, but they would never do these eagles any justice.

Picture 325

Have a great week!

I am loving the weather today! I couldn’t help it, I threw open all of the windows today. It’s probably not that warm but I threw a blanket over me while reading and enjoyed fresh air for a couple of hours. I can’t wait for spring!

But earlier today… Hubby and I headed out to our Sunday spot for breakfast. It was earlier than we usually go, but wow, am I glad we got there when we did. Sundays are usually a little quieter so we don’t feel guilty lingering over our tea (me) and coffee (Hubby). Today though we grabbed a to-go cup for Hubby’s second cup it was so busy. Probably best that we left when we did though since we actually both had some work to get done today (boo – not what Sundays are for).

Anyway, I think I might have mentioned out Sunday spot, Eggshell Bistro. It is a small little cafe in Carmel, Indiana; it has seating for no more 40 people. It initially attracted me as a great little spot to get a pot of tea and read on weekend days when Hubby worked. It is the closest place in the area that takes me away to being in Europe sitting out in a cafe. Hubby has since come with me, and it is now “our spot”. What makes it even more special now is the family feel that we have in walking in and just feeling that it has been there forever and we are “fixtures”.

I snapped a quick picture this morning from our table (I didn’t want to be too obvious, so I admit it is at an odd angle and has Hubby’s arm as part of it ūüôā ). You can see a collection of silver flower pots and more pieces in the background. Every table has fresh flowers, all in silver pieces, old French juice jars, or old mustard jars. Never fancy, but how I love displaying flowers in my own home. Now imagine a full building with this similar colouring and feel. My little Sunday morning piece of Heaven.

Have a Happy Week!

Picture 172

Hubby and I went down to Fountain Square today to check out a store as a possible source for his art. (Great spot by the way! If you are in Indianapolis, check out Rogue Decor.) After we checked it out, we wandered around the block. If you have read my older posts, I previously posted a picture of a little owl that I found “stickered” to the side of the building in Fountain Square. In other areas of town, if someone had done this, the art is quickly removed and the area is painted if damage was done to the surface. In Fountain Square though, at least around the Murphy Building, it seems to be almost be encouraged. Around the building, every electrical box is sticker bombed with various art pieces, all tiny and very few offensive. I would say some were political at most, although I admit some might have meanings that I am unaware of and I think they are just cute. ūüôā I started to wonder though if this behaviour is encouraged in this particular area of Indianapolis (or even specifically this building), as there doesn’t appear to be any attempt to remove the stickers. Also, when you look at the actual building (or even other buildings in the area), there is very little graffiti or street art beyond this sticker bombing. By allowing areas to be free for self-expression or street art, does it discourage the self-expression from being expressed in areas where it might not be as welcome and therefore erased quickly from public view? While I don’t condone vandalism in the least, it does allow for an interesting conversation.

My little owl is still there, although a little weather-worn. Among the newer little pieces of art I found, there were a couple that I just thought were cute. Enjoy my little penguin and cat.

Picture 181

Picture 187

So, Hubby and I have two days in a row together (quite the treat!), so we started our day at our favourite breakfast place, Eggshell Bistro¬†(again, another treat!).¬† It was such a wonderfully lazy time; we were there for over two hours!¬† I was craving a hot chocolate (it is miserably cold today),¬†but instead our wonderful waitress suggested a drink of warm milk and honey.¬† It was sooooo good.¬† It had the same level of sweetness to a good hot chocolate, but the texture was lighter.¬† Hubby and I just¬†sat around talking about everything and nothing, which is nice.¬† Do you have a place that you go that just feels like home?¬† That’s Eggshell for us.

After breakfast, we were thinking of going antiquing, but I had a couple of magazines that I wanted to pick up, so we wandered off to pick them up.¬† Five books and three magazines later, we decided we had better leave before we bankrupted ourselves.¬† I am looking forward to curling up and going through my stash this evening…¬† I bought a flower arranging book, and a book on creative thinking.¬† I tend to freeze up when I try something artistic, because I am always worried about the perfectionism in the act, versus just digging in to see where the experience will take me.¬† This is how I approach everything I do, which causes me way more stress than I need.¬†

We stopped by an antique store also, just to wander.  I have to admit that I was looking for a set of chairs for our office, which I found although they will definitely need to be reupholstered.  The happy part of this is that I have always wanted to take an upholstery class, and now I have the perfect project.  I love our office.  The room is surrounded with everything we love, including toys and books from our childhood, books overflowing everywhere, and my collection of knitting memorabilia.  Hubby brought an awesome easel home this week, which is from a local artist.  It is already paint splattered and has a great patina to it.  He is going to set me up with a solid back on it, so I can add sketching paper (I am not ready to jump into painting yet). 

Here is a picture from today’s outing.¬† Have a great week and thanks for checking in.

Picture 182

Well, last week while dropping off the furry babies at the groomers, I got there too early, so we went for a walk.¬† There is this great building next to the groomers which is some sort of warehouse that has been sub-divided for various artists.¬† I didn’t have my camera (and I was trying to untangle the crazy furries), but there was this great sculpture that caught my eye.¬† The light wasn’t bright that day, and the pink of the buidling had a great hue to it.

So, this morning, the sunlight is about the same again, and I thought “Okay, after breakfast, I will run over to get my picture.”¬† Hubby and I take off for¬†breakfast and haldway through my strata (ooooo, so good – white asparagus with Jarlsberg – yum!), I thought “Great, I forgot my camera again!”.¬† We¬†stopped by the building anyway and I went ahead and took a picture with my phone, because I am feeling a little inspired recently and really wanted to get to my blog this weekend.


Picture 195

I am finishing up working on Hubby’s blog, and getting some new pictures posted for him, so I thought¬†I would take a break and drop a quick note here.¬† It’s been a good week.¬† I bought this awesome book, “Digital Photography Through the Year” by Tom Ang, which I can’t wait to sit down and read this weekend.¬† It not only has great photographs from various perspectives, but it also explains the technicalities of the camera, which I am completely clueless about.¬† It will be interesting to see how my pictures progress from here.

I haven’t taken any new pictures this year, but here is a little pretty one from earlier this year.¬† Enjoy!




I am sitting out on my front porch with¬†new pillows for my bench (very comfy, I must say), reading a good book, thinking “this is what weekends are for”.¬† It is not too hot, so the only time I have to get up is to untangle the new pup (cute but troublesome).¬† I had to laugh at him though, because I found him sitting in the middle of one of my daylily beds.¬† At first I didn’t see him, and then I swear, it looked like he was smiling out from the middle of the bed, quite proud of himself.


Now that I have new pillows for the bench, I have to the actual bench to spruce it up, and am thinking of what else I want to do to make the front porch look more welcoming.  I have struggled with getting plants to stay alive on the front porch this year, but the succulents I bought a month or so ago are looking great.

I hope that you are enjoying your September as much as I am.  Have a great week.


Okay, we had our first snow this week, and it was less than impressive, but I am over winter already.¬† Sad, isn’t it?¬†¬†I shouldn’t complain.¬† The temperatures have been great, and I have still been able to walk the dogs quite comfortably.¬† But I still want spring.

I forgot my camera last week so I tried to take some pictures with my phone.  Not impressive, I must say.  If only I remembered the camera.  I had some cute ideas.  A couple of pictures were from a great pastry shop in Zionsville, Indiana, La Dolce Vita.  I got some pictures of the display cases with some yummy pastries.  Maybe displayed on a little saucer or dessert plate.  Then Hubby and I had wandered around for a few hours, and I got some really cute pictures in the local antique store.  One was of a wood box of old toy cars, such a great grouping of colours.  Oh well, with the pictures not turning out, it gives me reason to go back.

Here is a picture I pulled from my pictures from last winter.  Enjoy and have a great week.



Well, we are starting the new year with a little bit of snow, although it does not seem to be accumulating.  The side of me that has to walk the dog is quite happy about this, but I was hoping to have some pretty winter pictures to take.  Actually, I like this time of year, because I think that the garden has a certain beauty.  Maybe I will get out there anyway and see what inspires me today.

The chicken wire project is still in the garage, but I did get my little “art” pictures up on Etsy today.¬† I don’t know what I find so amusing about them, other than they were small little details that would be easily overlooked (at least the owl, given the placement near the bottom of the buidling).


With the holidays happening, I have started to think about my last year, and what I want to change heading into 2012.¬† I have spent a large amount of time at work and as a result, I have not devoted much “me” time in quite a while.¬† As a result, last weekend,¬†I decided to dig around the garage to see what frames I have stored away.¬† Hubby found the chicken wire I had been looking for to complete a framing project, so¬†I will be working on that one this weekend and get it posted within the next week.¬† I also have pulled out a couple of other ones, and actually started one which is sitting next to me as I write this.¬† The frame is fairly plain, just a plain brushed silver frame for three small pictures.¬† It is the¬†trio of pictures that intrigue me with this project.¬†¬†The pictures are of stickers I have come across in town over the last few months.¬† They are really not graffiti, but I am not sure what you would call them since they have been placed on the side of buildings or chairs.

Here is one of the pictures.  I hope that you enjoy it.

Hubby and I had another weekend day together, and went off to a new park for a walk.¬† And not one good picture taken!¬† The colour was off on all of them, or they were just hideously out of focus.¬† Part of my problem is probably the migraine medicine making me a little fuzzy, and my perfectionist personality was probably making it a “it must be right” event.¬† So I decided to come home and work on the little piece of wood “frame” that I have been writing about.¬† All I managed to do at this point is glue my fingers, smudge the picture, and break off¬† the hanger I had finished last weekend.¬† Time to step away from this today, before I hurt myself!¬† Oh well, I still had a great day with hubby, and even found a couple of possible frames for upcoming weeks.

Since I have no good pictures to share from today’s photo outing, I am posting a favourite of one of the furry babies.¬† Have a great week.



Hubby and I had a Saturday together yesterday, a truly rare treat!¬† We spent the day hopping around town to go to art fairs and our favourite antique mall.¬† While my intention wasn’t to make it into a “business” shopping trip for either of us, I couldn’t help being on the lookout for frame ideas.¬† I bought¬†a couple of interesting ones, one a set of three miniature matching brass frames with original matting which will set off my bright magenta flowers nicely.¬† The other frame is one of the old ones that is on its own stand.¬† I haven’t decided if I am going to keep it on the frame or not.

Today, I am working through a couple of ideas.¬† One is to work on the¬†little piece of wood I mentioned in my last post.¬† I need to get a hanger on it, then get the photo adhered.¬† It should be interesting, with it not being flat.¬† I also want to do some sort of “antique” collage or series, but the thought is still working its way around my head.¬† I have a couple of really cute pictures that I have taken at antique malls, but I am concerned about the cohesiveness.¬†¬†Working through the ideas has been the fun part.

I also have a couple of pictures of metal pieces, one of¬†hubby’s work and one¬†at the base of¬†a building, that I am playing with to see what¬†I¬†want to do with them.¬†¬†As¬†girly as I am¬†in appearance, I love¬†photos of rusted out cars, or corroded metal.

Okay, I came up with every possible excuse that I could to avoid starting my Etsy shop, due to being terrified, but I finally ran out of excuses.  So today I posted the three photographs that I have framed and ready to go, and right now I am working on another frame to get up on the shop in by next weekend.



I have also taken some pictures over the last couple of days, since Hubby and I have been on vacation.  I have a great little piece of wood that I found while taking a walk a while ago, and I am trying to decide what best fits it.  I have a couple of little graffiti-type pictures, which I think would look cute, but I also think a brightly coloured floral would pop really nicely against it.  Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Well, I had better get back to my frames, so I can work on getting them into my shop by next weekend!

I have been working crazy hours, between work and Hubby’s business, and I realized that I wasn’t taking time for me.¬† So…¬† I have decided to start an Etsy shop to give me an artistic outlet.¬† It is very scary for me, but I am really looking forward to it.¬† Yesterday, I went around looking for great frames and backgrounds for my pictures.¬† I don’t want to buy new frames, so it was fun trying to think out of the box to come up with solutions yesterday.¬† I came across embroidery hoops, which I am going to use as a frame for the spools picture that I posted earlier.¬† I found a great old cabinet, which I am going to center with chicken wire.¬† I am trying to decide the size and picture for it now.

This morning, I am going to at least set up the Etsy shop, although I won’t get anything posted for a week, as I need to get my pictures developed and frames prepared.¬† So far, I have five in the works!

Wish me luck!


Hubby and I took a couple of days off of work to celebrate my 40th.¬† On our way back from northern Indiana, we came across an old drive-in movie theatre, and¬†I couldn’t resist taking some pictures of the sign.¬† I played with the colour saturation feature on the laptop, which I had never used before.¬† Interesting effect.

Today was grooming day for my pup, and afterwards, hubby and I took him to the park.  What a gorgeous day.  Here are some photos from our adventure.

What a fun day.  Hubby, mom and I spent the morning at A Wool Gathering in Yellow Springs, Ohio.  What beautiful works, even though the actual wools made me itch by the time we left.

The weather has been wonderfully cool again this week, so a stop to the garden shop around the corner was due today.  I want to plant a tree in our front yard, so the research has begun.  I am no closer to deciding what tree I wanted, but I did find a horse that I thought was cute.

When I woke up this morning, I thought, wow, I have nothing to post this week.¬† Life has been work, work, work, which isn’t the most inspiring place for pictures.¬† The weather turned late in the week though (for the better), it cooled down quite a bit, and allowed me to get back out in the yard to clean up some gardens.¬† And behold!¬† Inspiration!

I love the gardens in June, when everything is at its peak, but I have to admit that I think this time of year is even more beautiful.  Under my grape arbor, the leaves are drying and the remaining grapes have fallen.  It feels like what I imagine Italy would look like.  An old world, romantic decay.

And in my front yard, my live-forevers are attracting all of the bees and butterflies in the neighbourhood.  I need to find a book to identify some of the lovely butterflies that have found my garden.   Any good ones that you can recommend?

I am so excited!  The heat of the summer finally broke for a little while, so I have had the windows open.  And yesterday, I noticed the crunching of leaves under the crabapple trees.

Hubby and I went to Feast of Lanterns yesterday, which I adore.  It is mostly a little neighbourhood festival with music, food (I love the Caribbean vendor!), a parade when the sun sets, raising the lit lanterns throughout the park.

It’s a great day to kick up your feet and relax.¬† Or in my case, crash in the grass.¬† Have a great week!

Do you remember being a kid and riding your bike for miles?¬† Well, my husband bought each of us vintage Schwinn bikes, so I got on mine for the first time in…¬† well, let’s just say quite a few years.¬† I was wobbly at first, but the saying is actually true.¬† It is just like riding a bicycle!

This morning was a trip to the groomer to get my dog prepped for his photo shoot this week.  Silly, I know, but he is just so photogenic! 

We have had paintings done of all of our pets so far, choosing just the right artist for each.  Photography is definitely the direction to go for this one.

A little more about myself… I come from an artistic family, and I wish that I had¬†appreciated and learned more¬†of those skills early on.¬† My grandmother was a painter, did enamel work, sewed and knit.¬† My mom is an awesome knitter, able to come up with great ideas right out of thin air.¬† And my younger cousin is trying to break into the design business with her fashion ideas (she wants to be a fashion designer for Cirque du Soleil).¬†

I married into an artistic family too!  There is a published poet in the family, a painter, and my husband is a sculptural welder.  The house is always full of interesting projects started, and I am always finding little scraps of paper with doodles.

I appreciate art, all types of art.¬† I love going to art shows and supporting local artists (my husband being the first one, of course!), as well as being an avid antique collector.¬†¬†Needless to say our house is “eclectic”.¬† Collections?¬† Where do I start?¬† Paintings, pottery, vintage art deco plates, moose (that is a story for another time), salt & pepper shakers, and on and on and on.¬† One collection that is mine more than “ours” is collecting knitting paraphernalia.¬† This¬†morning, I captured some of my treasures in my office window.

Well, I look forward to future posts and see where this road takes me.  Until next time.